The Caslink Project Version 4.0
Copyright (c) Alexey Podrezov, 1999-2023


The Caslink project has just got even better and works on more MSX systems! I am proud to present the new improved version: Caslink v4.0

The general project's description, audio cable's schematics, instructions on how to convert software and load it into MSX can be found here

The previous version of Caslink (v3.3) can be found here

You can download the Caslink v4.0 project's files (sources and compiled Windows 64-bit executable) from here

The Lame MP3 encoder that is required by the Caslink4 to convert WAV to MP3 files can be found here
The Microsoft's Visual C 2012 redistributable packages that are also required by the project can be downloaded from here  (32 bit version) and here  (64-bit version)

The encoded samples in WAV and MP3 format can be downloaded from here

IMPORTANT: Please check the readme.txt file for the detailed information about the project - this may save you some time when getting started...

New features in Version 4.0

1. Massive rework of 8-49kb ROM loaders and BIN/ROM preloader:
- It's now possible to load 8-49kb ROMs into MSX1 computers with RAM in slot 0 as long as there's a RAM expansion is in slot 1, 2 or 3
- It's now possible to load 8-49kb ROMs into MSX1 computers with less than 64kb of RAM as long as there's a RAM expansion is in slot 1, 2 or 3
- It's now possible to load 8-49kb ROMs into Daewoo CPC computers as long as there's a RAM expansion is in slot 1, 2 or 3
- In case there's too little RAM or a RAM expansion is missing, there will be an error message: "NO RAM!"
2. The maximum supported BIN file size has been increased to 24712 bytes
3. The BIN loader has been relocated to address 0x8100 (from 0x8200) to load larger files
4. The preloader has been reworked and relocated to address 0xC100 (from 0x9000) to better detect RAM anomalies
5. Integration into the SVI-CAS device by Romsey - it's possible to load games with or without reset
6. All .MAC source files have been removed, use the AS80 assembler by Frank Kingswood to compile .ASM files

NOTE: The unfinished option to read audio files and decode the audio stream into binaries has been removed from the code. Caslink will no longer be presented as bi-directional application. From now on the sole purpose of Caslink4 is to transfer files to MSX computers.

Caslink v4.0 Project's Files

The Caslink4 project includes the following files:

- Caslink4.exe (the main executable file)
- Caslink4.cpp (source code, main C code)
- Caslink4.h (source code, header file)
- l32k1.bin (compiled 32k ROM loader, part 1)
- l32k2.bin (compiled 32k ROM loader, part 2)
- l32k1.asm (32k ROM loader source, part 1)
- l32k2.asm (32k ROM loader source, part 2)
- l32k2rst.bin (compiled 32k ROM loader with reset, part 2)
- l32k2rst.asm (32k ROM loader with reset source, part 2)
- l49k1.bin (compiled 49k ROM loader, part 1)
- l49k2.bin (compiled 49k ROM loader, part 2)
- l49k3.bin (compiled 49k ROM loader, part 3)
- l49k1.asm (49k ROM loader source, part 1)
- l49k2.asm (49k ROM loader source, part 2)
- l49k3.asm (49k ROM loader source, part 3)
- l49k2rst.bin (compiled 49k ROM loader with reset, part 3)
- l49k2rst.asm (49k ROM loader with reset source, part 3)
- mulfload.bin (compiled multi-file loader)
- mulfload.asm (multi-file loader source)
- preload.bin (compiled multi-file preloader)
- preload.asm (multi-file preloader source)
- rloader.bin (compiled ROM loader)
- rloader.asm (ROM loader source)
- rloadrst.bin (compiled ROM loader with reset)
- rloadrst.asm (ROM loader with reset source)
- binload.bin (compiled single file loader)
- binload.asm (single file loader source)
- readme.txt (this readme file)
- disclaimer.txt (disclaimer file)
- (list of new features)
- (utility to convert .bin files into .inc files, requires Python)

Copyrights and Distribution

The CasLink project, is being developed by Alexey Podrezov. The project is distributed with the source code, so everyone can use it to develop his own MSX related tools. The project files can be put on any public ftp and web servers, however they should be always accompanied by the readme.txt file.

If any part of CasLink code is used in any third-party utility, please mention the original author's name in the credits. You do not need to ask the author's permission to use Caslink code, however it would be nice to send a message to the author to let him know that his code will be used to keep MSX scene alive.

The only restriction that should be observed is: the CasLink project's code must not be used for commercial purposes. However if someone finds the way to make money out of it, I would be interested to hear it. Just out of curiosity...

Additional Credits

I would like to thank a few more people who helped or inspired me to continue the development of the Caslink4 project:

- Pavel Zakharov (RBSC)
- Dmitry Pugachev (RBSC)
- Timur Tashpulatov (RBSC)
- Alexey Krasivsky
- Manuel Bilderbeek
- Wouter Vermaelen
- Danilo Drago
- Duncan Morrison (Romsey)
- Walter van Niftrik
- Saku Taipale (STT)
- Timo Soilamaa (Nyyrikki)
- Egor Voznessenskiy (R.I.P.)
- Gennadiy Kurapov
- Sergey and Ekaterina Kirov
- Mihail Volkov

Contact Information

If you wish to contact the author of Caslink projects - Alexey Podrezov, please feel free to send a message to the e-mail address from the end of the readme.txt file.

If you would like to make a small donation as appreciation of the author's effort, please use the same e-mail address to send a few bucks via PayPal.


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